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Fileworx System

In today’s digital revolution, keeping track of all the important news out there is impossible without a reliable automated system. And yet for today’s news agencies and broadcasters, it’s more important than ever to report the news as they happen. Because if you don’t, your competitors certainly will.

SEDCO saw this need early on.  More than 10 years ago we developed the ultimate media monitoring system, and our best technical teams have been developing and fine tuning it ever since. 

Today, more than 15 news agencies in 11 countries are successfully using our Fileworx system, along with other organisations such as government agencies who have a need to constantly keep up to date.

Fileworx’ sophisticated software automatically captures reports from world television, radio, internet, email and any other sources you may want. The system finds the exact news you need in an instant, and helps you create your own story based on the news you have found.

So how does it work? Click on the icons above.