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These days, it’s not enough to offer quality products and services at reasonable prices. Increasing competition, higher customer awareness and a constant price war has changed the business arena in the telecom world.

Today, you must offer a unique customer experience.


“Having remote control over the branches is a real benefit. Now we can see which employees are using the system and when.”

Mosab Al-Doghmi - Retail Development Senior Officer, Umniah Jordan.

And that’s where we can help. Operating in 44 countries, we have 30 years’ experience in this field. We are already assisting numerous telecom operators in different parts of the world, in offering a great customer experience. At the same time, we help them cut their costs and make their whole businesses more efficient and competitive.

We call our solution Customer Interaction Management (CIM). CIM is a unique offering for telecom companies, and includes our world famous Customer Visit Management® (CVM), digital signage, queue management, self service kiosk, customer feedback functions, central management of statistical data and much more. All working in harmony to create a better experience for your customers, and ultimately, make more money for you.

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“Another benefit of the system is that we can see and understand our customers’ behaviour.”

Zaid Ibrahim - Retail Operations and Development Manager, Umniah Jordan.

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