Self Service Kiosks

Reach your customers anywhere anytime by Self Service Kiosk Shops

Your customers are most likely already using self service kiosks in many areas of their daily life, and they are probably expecting the same service from you. So why not give it to them? The solution is easy.

We offer a range of self service units that enable you to extend your offering and reach your customers far beyond your store. You will save money and increase your sales at the same time by reaching more customers.

With our new self service shop you can offer your customers a full shopping experience, when and where it is convenient for them. The automated shop never closes; it stays open 24/7 and you can place it in public places such as shopping malls or airports. The shop is fully automated and there is no need for you to hire any staff to run it. The unit can dispense mobile phones, tablet PCs, SIM cards, or whatever else you want to sell, at a fraction of the cost of running a fully manned store.

Telecom retailers in many areas of the world are already using our self service kiosks. As with the self service shop, you can place it in public areas, near your customers. You can also install self service kiosks in your branches to eliminate the workload for your employees, and offer your customers more choice in how they access your services.

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