Customer Traffic Management System Helps you to Do Better Business

All companies that have customer facing operations need to meet new targets, give their customers a unique experience and increase their turnover. In short, they need to do better business with their customers, and they need a reliable partner to help them. Does that sound familiar? If so, SEDCO is your answer.

We have over 5,000 of our systems currently working in 44 countries. Various organisations are using SEDCO’s famous Customer Visit Management® (CVM) system. Whether you represent an insurance company, an airport transit hall, a retail store or a shopping mall, CVM can assist you in improving your business processes whilst keeping your customers coming through your door.

With CVM you can see your customer traffic, get to know who your clients are, see their movements and get their feedback instantly, before they leave your premises. You can see your staff’s service levels and transaction times, and you can compare a whole network of shops or other service centres from the comfort of your own office. With our unique business analysis tool, you can predict future events and plan for them. You can use digital signage to reach your customers with targeted messages, aimed at the people that are currently in your office.

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