Queue Management Helps to Meet Targets in Government Service

Government agencies are increasingly looking to improve their customers’ experience. At the same time, they have a number of centrally set targets to achieve. Whether you represent a federal court, a ministry of labour office or a vehicle licensing service, you probably know what we mean. There is constant pressure on all government agencies to reduce costs, improve service and, ultimately, run a successful organization.

Since 1983, SEDCO has been helping government agencies improve their service to their clients. We currently have a presence in 44 countries and our business is expanding throughout the world. At least one of our 80 distribution partners should be somewhere near you.

Our Customer Visit Management® (CVM) system can help you transform your customer service whilst helping you meet your targets.

Do you want to meet your targets, improve service and reduce your costs? Contact us on info@sedco.co

Customer Visit Management
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