Interactive Digital Signage

Digital Signage System delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.

Advertising can be a very expensive exercise. It can also be time consuming and the results are difficult to measure. Yet you probably need a way to reach your customers and get your messages across without having to spend a fortune.

And you can. We can even promise that the very people you want to reach will have their eyes on the screen where you advertise, exactly when you want them to.

We are talking about targeted advertising. Our intelligent digital signage system, linked to the customer identification in Customer Visit Management® (CVM), can see exactly who is currently visiting your shop or your office.

It can play different messages depending on who the customers are. If a new customer walks in, the message can be changed automatically to suit the new visitor.

What’s more, because the adverts are placed alongside queuing information, the customers will already have a reason to keep an eye on the screen.

Or why not use our new interactive digital signage? Using the latest technology, your customers can interact with the system through touch screens, or just by waving their hands over the screen. This is an innovative way to educate your customers about your products and services.

See How our advanced interactive digital signage system works

CVM digital signage offers you rich design tools that enable you to create content such as animations, 3D graphics, split screens, audio and video streaming. All designed to catch attention, to retain interest, and to leave a lasting impression.

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