Customer Feedback Management System

Customer Feedback System Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Imagine being able to contact a customer only minutes after he has given his feedback. Any misunderstanding can be cleared up immediately, converting a disappointed customer into a happy one. Wouldn’t you call that excellent service?

That’s exactly what you can have with our customer feedback unit, an integral part of Customer Visit Management ® (CVM).

In today’s economic climate, delivering high quality products at low prices isn’t always enough. You have to look at the whole customer experience. A unique and happy experience can be the one thing that keeps your customers coming back.

Asking the customers to give their feedback while they are still on your premises, and their experience is still fresh in their minds, serves two purposes. Firstly, it shows that you care and are willing to listen to your customers. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to find out and correct any issues that the customers are not happy about.

The Customer Feedback unit is a small LCD touch screen that customers use to answer evaluation questions about your services. The unit can be linked to the queue management and enables you to identify who the customer is; you can even see their mobile phone number, if used with the ID function. The system can also tell you what service they have just received and who the advisor was. This gives you the opportunity to deal with any issues immediately.

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