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Intelligent Business Monitoring System Improves your Business and Save Cost

Imagine being able to see exactly how many customers that are currently visiting every one of your branches, from the comfort of your own office. Then imagine being able to see what service each customer has selected, how long they have waited and how long it takes them to be served.

How about being able to see each staff member’s performance, as it happens, including service times and idle times? How many advisors are currently serving customers? How many customers walk out without being served? How many customers have waited longer than 5 minutes for service? How many transactions has a certain member of staff done today?

And so on.

The business intelligence function in our Customer Visit Management® (CVM) system gives you a complete overview of your whole operation at regional levels, branch or individual staff levels. You can receive historical reports showing a certain time of day, week, month or year if you so wish.

Many of our clients find it useful to set the reporting to measure the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they use in their daily work. That way, the business intelligence becomes a useful tool for enhancing their business processes.

On top of that, our intelligent business analysis and forecasting tools enable see hidden relations among variables and predict the future, so you can plan for the future by using real information.

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